Accessories for X-matePro

BNC/Cinch Module

Thanks to the BNC module any pH electrode or combined ion selective electrode with temperature probe fits onto the MX300 (51303008). You are flexible in selecting an electrode connecting to MX300.
  RS232 Interface

The RS232 interface module allows in combination with the data dump software Data-matePro the transfer of stored values to your computer or printer
Electrode Sinker

Together with the extension cables, the sinker allows you to measure below the surface (51303019).
  Soft Casew

Protect your MX300 instrument and an attached module in this soft case. For convenient field use, you can fix it to your belt for quick access.
Extension Cable

Extension cables are available in lengths of 0.9m (51303013), 3m (51303014) and 10m (51303015) for measurements in rivers and lakes. They are watertight according to IP67.

Test Plug

Using the test plug you are able to check the performance of your MX300 (51303001).