Technical Specifications Refracto 30PX and Refracto 30 GS

Measurement method

Determination of the angle of total reflection of the D-line of sodium (589.3 nm)
Refractive index Measurement range: 1.32 – 1.50 (Refracto 30PX), 1.32 – 1.65 (Refracto 30GS), Resolution: 0.0001, Accuracy: ± 0.0005
Brix% Measurement range 0 – 85 Brix%, Resolution: 0.1 Brix%, Accuracy ± 0.2 Brix%
Temperature Measurement range: 10 – 40 °C, Resolution: 0.1 °C, Display: °C or °F, Ambient temperature: 5 – 35 °C
Units of measurement nD, nD temperature compensated, Brix%, HFCS42, HFCS55, T.A. 1990, °KMW (Babo), °Baume, °Oechsle (D, CH), w/w%, v/v%, spec. gravity and freezing point (°C or °F) for ethanol and NaCl, w/w%, v/v% and freezing point (°C or °F) for ethylene glycol and propylene glycol, w/w% and v/v% for isopropanol, user defined unit
Temperature compensation With user-defined temperature compensation coefficient (nD temperature compensated, user defined), or automatically (all other units). Up to 10 temperature correction coefficients can be stored in the instrument
Calibration With pure water
Data memory For up to 1100 results (result with unit, sample identification, temperature correction coefficient, date and time) • Display: Backlit LC-Display
Interface Infrared for data transfer to PC and printer (IrDA or RS232C)
Weight Approx. 250 g
Batteries 2 x LR3, 1.5 V, type AAA approx. 60 hours battery life (one measurement per minute)
Materials Housing: PBT. Measurement cell (Refracto 30PX): Glass, stainless steel. Materials with sample contact (Refracto 30PX): Glass, stainless steel, PBT. Measurement cell (Refracto 30GS): Sapphire, hard gold plated brass. Materials with sample contact (Refracto 30GS): Sapphire, gold, PBT.

Subject to technical changes.