Refracto 30PX


Refracto 30GS



Refracto • Portable Refractometer

Refracto 30PX (left) and Refracto 30GS (right) are compact, easy-to-use refractometers for measurements in laboratory and production environments. Depending on the application, these instruments can be used in two ways: Either put it on a flat surface and place a drop of sample onto the measurement cell, or immerse the sensor directly into the fluid. As soon as you press the measurement key, the result is displayed in the desired units on the backlit LC-Display. You no longer need to rely on error-prone readings of dark/bright transitions as with optical instruments. Refracto even measures dark samples correctly. Because the refractive index is temperature dependent, Refracto also automatically compensates the result.

Refracto 30PX and Refracto 30 GS: What is the difference?

The Refracto 30PX (left) has a measuring cell made of optical glass, whereas the Refracto 30GS (right) has a measuring cell made of sapphire. Sapphire has a higher refractive index and a better thermal conductivity than glass. For this reason the Refracto 30GS has an extended measuring range and registers the sample temperature more quickly.