Technical Specifications Densito 30PX

Measurement principle

Density measurement using the oscillating tube method
Measurement range 0 to 2 g/cm3, Resolution: 0.0001 g/cm3
Accuracy ± 0.001 g/cm3
Measurement units Density, specific gravity, temperature compensated density, temperature compensated specific gravity, Brix%, alcohol (w/w%, v/v%, US proof and UK proof), °Baumé, °Plato, API (tables A, B and D), % sulphuric acid (w/w%), user defined units
Temperature Measurement range: 0 – 40 °C, resolution 0.1 °C, display: °C or °F
Ambient temperature range 5 °C – 35 °C
Temperature compensation Automatic (Brix%, alcohol, °Plato, API, % sulphuric acid) or by using a user-defined temperature correction coefficient. Up to 10 temperature compensation coefficients can be stored in the instrument
Calibration With dry air or pure water (supplied) or other density standards
Data memory Capacity for up to 1100 results (measured value, sample identification, temperature compensation coefficient, date and time)
Display Backlit LCD matrix
Interface Infrared Interface for data transfer to printer and PC, IrDA or RS232C protocol
Weight Approx. 360 g
Batteries 2 x LR3 1.5 V batteries. Type AAA, approx. 90 hours battery life
Materials Measurement cell: Borosilicate glass. Housing: PBT and PET; Sampling pump: PP and PTFE; Materials with sample contact: PTFE, PPS, borosilicate glass and PP

Subject to technical changes.