Accessories for Densito 30PX


Built-in sampling pump (complete) of the Densito 30PX (51324405).
  Battery Compartment

Should be replaced from time to time to assure that no humidity may enter into your Densito (51324409, 2 pcs.).
External Syringe Adapter

To measure samples of high viscosity (>2000 mPa·s), screw this adapter (51324402) into the Densito and use an external syringe to fill the measuring cell.
  Infrared Adapter

Infrared / RS232 converter (51325006) to transfer stored measurements to a Printer or a PC (the corresponding Windows software is on the HelloCD™).

Printer RS-P42 new

To print-out measurement data. Requires an infrared adapter (51325006).

Download the datasheet

Packing Battery Compartment

Should be replaced if the batteries have leaked (51324406).