PortableLab™ – Lab Power in Your Hands!

Oxygen, Brix, pH-value, refractive index, alcohol concentration, salinity, Oechsle, etc. – Thanks to exchangeable modules (X-matePro) and flexible calculations and conversion tables (Densito/Refracto), the PortableLab™ instruments cover a huge application spectrum.

Taking measurements on site or in the field has many advantages: You save time, you can make adjustments right away and you do not have to worry about transporting samples to the lab. But up until now, mobile measurements also meant a trade-off in features and ease-of-use.

METTLER TOLEDO has developed the PortableLab™ series of hand-held instruments to solve this problem. Despite their compact size, the Densito 30PX density meter, the Refracto 30GS (high-end) and the Refracto 30PX refractometers as well as the X-matePro pH/multimeter offer the features you would expect from a large bench-top instrument: You get a wide array of configuration possibilities for perfect adaptation to your application; you can execute measurements with a minimum number of keystrokes thanks to the straightforward and intuitive user interface and you can save measurement data for later transfer to a Personal Computer (Densito and Refracto even over an IrDA infrared interface) and printer. All instruments are delivered in a practical and compact case that contains everything needed for successful on-site measurements – that is why we call it the PortableLab!